Riding a Bit High…

30 07 2011

Tonight I made a most delicious dinner. My blood sugars were 14.4 before dinner, which bothered me a bit. I did have a nap today after lunch though, so maybe that’s why?

Today, lunch was sauteed beef strips with green peppers and onions, and I made a lovely dressing with fish sauce, almond butter (home made with raw almonds!), ginger and garlic. Yum.

Anyway, I made delicious sloppy joes for dinner. I BBQ’d 2 portobello mushrooms and put them on top of a bed of shredded romaine. I had a jar of roasted portobello mushroom spaghetti sauce, so I used that as a base and added 2 lbs of ground beef, 1TBLS chili powder, a bit of garlic salt and half a tsp onions powder. I sauteed half a red onion in some tallow and added that to the sauce and cooked it for almost an hour.

I poured it on top of the mushrooms and added half an avocado, sliced. It was delicious. My husband enjoyed it, and my kids did too. My oldest is still having a bit of trouble grasping why we’re going paleo and why she can’t eat bread. She’ll understand one day, I’m sure.

I gave myself 8 units of novo-rapid. I was at 12.8 a little over an hour after dinner so I gave myself another 3 units. A couple of hours later, I was only down to 11.7. An hour later and I was still at 11.7 so I took another 3 units. Finally, when it was time to take my 18 units of levemir, I was down to 9.3.

I suspect it was the jarred spaghettis sauce, because normally I would make my own.

Tomorrow, we’re off to our weekly visit to the farmer’s market! Also, I need to get in some more exercise. Perhaps I’ll go for a bike ride, or take the kids on a death march through the dog park. (It’s not really a death march, they just think it is.)


Almost Primal Nutella

22 07 2011

Since going primal a few weeks ago, there are a few things that I have definitely been missing. Nutella is one of the them. But it’s full of vegetable oils that are mostly hydrogenated, so I decided to make my own.

I used:

2 cups of hazelnuts, raw and still sheathed in their shells

1/3 cup of organic cocoa powder (next time I would use half that amount, I found the flavour overly strong)

1/2-1 cup of 2% organic cow’s milk

2 TBLS of organic coconut oil

1/4 cup of icing sugar *gasp!*


Toss the hazelnuts into a food processor. Turning them into nut butter will take a while. Stop it every couple of minutes to scrape down the sides. Eventually, the nuts will start to release their oil and they will turn into a nut butter. Add the cocoa powder and process for another minute. Add the milk while the processor is still going. Add it slowly. You might need more, you might need less. Stopp the processor and taste it. If it’s got a good flavour, add the coconut oil and sugar and process for another minute.

Voila! Almost primal (but not really because it has sugar) nutella!